Surprising Uses of Sugar


Keep baked goods fresh

Sugar is a great conductor of moisture. Simply adding a few sugar cubes to an airtight container of cookies or bread will keep those baked goods fresh for longer.


Clean greasy hands

Add a sugar to your soap lather to provide an abrasive effect while washing grease, paint or grime from your hands.


Clean your grinder

Pour sugar into the grinder or food processor and grind it for a couple of minutes and rinse it under water. The sugar absorbs any oil particles and smell residues from the previous batch of coffee beans you put through the grinder.


Exfoliate the body

Sugar has long been known as an excellent exfoliator. Try this cost effective way by mixing a paste of sugar with olive oil or canola oil and your favourite essential oil (for fragrance). Apply and rinse as you would with a store-bought product to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. Use fine or coarse grain sugar for body and try brown sugar for your face and sensitive areas as it has gentler texture.


Are there any preservatives in sugar?

No. Sugar is a natural preservative in itself and has nothing added in its preparation.

How many calories does sugar have?

1 gram of sugar has 4 calories; one typical flat teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories.

Are chemicals used to bleach sugar to make it white?

No. Pure sugar is naturally colourless, and appear white when viewed with naked eyes.

How does brown sugar differ from white sugar?

All sugar is essentially the same. What differentiates white sugar from brown is simply the amount of molasses coating the sugar crystal. In its raw form, sugar is coated with thick layer of molasses which gives a caramel taste and brown colouring. The process to convert this into white sugar is called sugar refining and is simply the removal of the outer layer of molasses to reveal the pure white sucrose crystal underneath.

Some people prefer a more “caramelly” taste therefore it is partially refine to keeps its darker colour and more distinct flavour.

What is the best way to store sugar once open?

If stored in optimal conditions sugar can last for a very long time. Indeed, it is a natural preservative and does not degrade rapidly over time. Our sugar is best kept in a sealed container away from sunlight and avoiding exposure to moisture or humidity as much as possible.

How do I stop brown sugar from hardening over time?

Unlike white sugar, brown sugar is naturally more moist and is therefore more likely to harden than white sugar. It is therefore particularly important to keep brown sugar in an airtight container and to minimize exposure to further moisture or humidity.

How do I soften sugar that has hardened?

The best way to soften sugar that has hardened or clumped is to gently break the block into free-flowing crystals using a teaspoon.  If the sugar is particularly hard then a dessert spoon may be more appropriate.