Ang Ku Kueh


clock2 3 hr   paxthumb 8-10 pax   cookthumb2 Difficult


For Skin
225g glutinous rice flour
20g SIS Fine Grain Sugar
1 teaspoon red food colours
300ml hot water
4 tablespoon vegetable oil

For Peanut Filling
150g ground peanut powder
1 tablespoon white sesame seeds, toasted
50g SIS Fine Grain Sugar
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoons water

1 Banana leaf
2 tablespoons rice flour, for dusting
1 tablespoon vegetable oil



  1. Prepare the skin. In a mixing bowl, add glutinous rice flour, SIS Fine Grain Sugar and salt. Make a well in center to add hot water and red food colours. Combine the mixture and knead until it forms a smooth dough.
  2. Cover with damp cloth and rest for 10mins.
  3. Prepare the filing. In a large bowl, mix ground peanut, white sesame seeds, SIS Fine Grain Sugar, oil and water until it forms dough.
  4. Brush the banana leaf with vegetable oil and cut into square size slightly bigger than the size of mould.
  5. To determine the weight of dough, fill the mould with dough. Remove from mould and weigh on weighing scale. Ratio of dough to filing is 1:1.5. If weight is 50g, then skin dough is 30g and filing is 20g.
  6. Shape the skin dough and filing into small balls 30g and 20g respectively.
  7. Lightly dust the mould with some rice flour.
  8. Flatten skin dough and place a filing. Wrap all sides into a ball.
  9. Press the ball press gently and evenly into the mould. Knock it out lightly and place on a cut banana leaf.
  10. Brush some oil on the Ang Ku Kueh and prepare the steamer.
  11. Steam for 8-10 minutes.

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